Reset the Phone to the Factory Settings from the Phone Keypad

You can reset the phone to the factory settings. The reset clears all the phone parameters.


Step 1Remove power from the phone in one of these ways:
  • Unplug the power adapter.
  • Unplug the LAN cable.
Step 2Wait 5 seconds.
Step 3Press and hold # and plug the phone back in.
Step 4When the Headset and Speaker buttons are lit, release # and enter the following key sequence: (needs to be done FAST !)


The light for the Headset button turns off after you press the 1 key. After you enter the key sequence, the Mute button lights.


Do not power down the phone until it completes the factory reset process, and the main screen appears.

The phone resets.

it is key to keep holding the # until the headset and speaker lights comeback on.

see youtube video if available